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Welcome to The Journey With Aisha television (TJWA-TV) and radio (TJWA-Radio) where we focus on topics under the umbrellas of FAITH, FAMILY , and FINANCES! ​

Our guests and topics resolve to empower, educate, edify, engage, and entertain our viewers.

The Journey With Aisha encourages people to decide to "be better" and thereby "do better". We are serving our viewers a "double portion" of love, learning and laughter as we produce shows with captivating topics, series of principal interest, as well as recurring episodes that will always keep you coming back for more!


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Listen Live to The Journey with Aisha (TJWA-Radio) each Thursday at 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm on kinetichifi.com. On your smartphone use the "Tune-In" or "Kinetichifi" app.

Join the conversation by calling           843-639-HIFI (843-639-4434)


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Tune in to watch The Journey With Aisha on the CW (Lowcountry)  Charleston, SC! We were on a brief hiatus and now we are back! Stay tuned for more information on showtimes!