Reoccurring episodes air on both radio and TV.

Reoccurring Episodes

By featuring physicians, health care practitioners, and others, Pathways to Wellness is a reoccurring segment of TJWA that educates and encourages our audience to "Be Better" by changing lifestyles, beliefs, and habits with a holistic approach to wellness. Let's start to look at our bodies from not only a physical standpoint but let's tackle the mental and spiritual elements and challenge ourselves to heal through and through.



"Pathways to Financial Freedom"​ is a segment that is designed to tackle the issues/topics relating to managing money, discovering multiple streams of income, creating financial stability, credit restoration, adapting an abundance & prosperity mindset, and much more! Our guests have developed proven systems, taught seminars/workshops, and written books as overall the best in their field and TJWA wants to make sure that prosperity is a part of your financial journey!

The "Man Cave Experience" is a diverse group of men from all walks of life that share their individual perspectives on a relaxed panel weighing in on various topics covered in the headlines, life's challenges and triumphs, and the mystery of being from Mars and dealing with their counterparts whom happen to be from Venus. There is never a dull moment!

New business owners, seasoned entrepreneurs, and founders/directors of non-profit organizations will share their expertise, lessons learned from failure, stories of success, best practices and promote their product and/or services during the Minding Your Own Business episodes. Tune in to get unscripted advice on how to start or revive your business/brand delivered in a way that only The Journey With Aisha can do it...We keep it REAL! 

As The Journey with Aisha works to empower, educate, edify, engage and entertain our viewers, we believe that it is also important to tap into and build on areas that directly impact our lives on a daily basis. For that reason we have developed a series of reocurring episodes that covers finances, health, entrepreneurship, the male perspective, and new talent!


IT'S TAX SEASON...Check out this episode of Money Matters on The Journey with Aisha with tax tips and great information!


The "Rising Star" series features independent artists of various genres that are invited to perform & interview during the live studio audience taping to give you a taste of their sound and style! There is nothing like the sound of "live" music and wouldn't you like to say that you were there at the start of their career when they begin to perform at the Grammys!?